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Michael Sites 

Owner / Inspector 

Inspection Agreement Form

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Expectations On Day Of Inspection



Today you will find out the condition of the home you are purchasing. 

Dress comfortably and lets go, I  usually arrive ahead of time to brief the home owner what to expect and get started on the roof and exterior inspection.  When you arrive i will go over my findings up to that point and answer any questions you have about the outside of the home. 

We will than get started on the inside of the home, we will start in the attic and work our way to the basement, on the way i will go from room to room and do my inspection and will point out things i see that will also go in my report and you may ask me questions about your concerns.


Experience And Knowledge

With over 20 years of experience in all areas of the building industry, we are uniquely qualified to provide the most thorough and complete home inspection services available.  Our construction experience means we know what happens when a house is built and where the potential for problems exists.  Our experience includes the construction of hundreds of homes, town homes and apartments, repairing and maintaining rental properties, managing land development projects, and overseeing the renovation and transformation of older buildings into office spaces and restaurants.  

We Notice The Little Things.

When we walk into a home that you are interested in purchasing for your family, we look for defects that are not necessarily visible to the buyer.  Our years of experience and extensive training are the tools we employ to inspect, examine and evaluate every part of the house; from the roof to the foundation and everything in between, nothing is overlooked.  Our goal is to identify any situation that could cost you money and give you the information you need to make an informed decision about your purchase.

Be Confident In Your Property Transaction

After we complete your home inspection we will provide you with an in-depth report that details the findings of the inspection.  This information will give you the confidence to make your next move, whether that is to move forward with the purchase of the property or negotiate with the seller to have any issues resolved.  Having thorough, trusted information about a property is the key to peace of mind and confidence in what will likely be one of your biggest investment decisions.

Our Services

Home Inspection Service.

The Home Inspection Service is a visual inspection that covers the most important areas of your potential investment, including the roof, foundation and structural framing. The mechanical areas such as heating, air conditioning, electrical panels and wiring, water heater and water supply are also examined.  A room by room walkthrough of the entire home is also conducted where we look for defects in the walls, ceiling, windows, and electrical outlets and fixtures in each room. Additionally, in the kitchen and bathroom, the plumbing, appliances, electric safety receptacles, and ventilation are checked. 

Radon service

Our Radon Service is available to protect you and your family from poisonous radon gas that can seep into a home through its foundation.   Unfortunately, radon contamination is more common in this part of the United States than you might expect. For most real estate transactions we use a standard canister test, so that we can get quick results to avoid any delays in your transaction. If high levels of radon are detected, a radon mediation system can be installed.

Termite service

With the termite service, we will check all visible, wood areas of the home. We will be looking for any signs of wood deterioration or infestations from any type of bug that may be present or have done damage in the past. 

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